My GIF is a video form the 2010 Iron Bowl. As shown in the GIF, Cam Newton throws the ball to Philip Lutzenkirchen for a touchdown, which changes the entire pace of the game. After Lutzenkirchen scores, he does a dance in the end zone that became known as “The Lutzie.”
In June 2014, Lutzenkirchen passed away from a single car crash. Many lost a role model that day, but Philips legacy continues to reach the lives of many through the works of the Lutzie 43 Foundation.

One of the primary reasons I also chose to make this GIF is because of the work I was honored to do with the Lutzie 43 Foundation. During an internship with Knight Eady Sports Group, I was tasked with managing all social media and Mike Lutzenkirchen speaking engagements. The works of the foundation are motivating for any who encounter the organization.

To create this GIF, I downloaded a video off of YouTube. Once the video was downloaded as an mp4 file, I imported it as layers into Photoshop. Once in Photoshop, I edited the amount of layers that were visible, and sped the video up to look more like a GIF. The process took around 30 minutes, but it was a fun project to work on.

Lutzy Dance


I created a GIF form the 2010 Iron Bowl when Philip Lutznekirchen scored a game winning touchdown pass from Cam Newton.


The Lutzie 43 Foundation


  • + Downloaded YouTube Video
  • + Uploaded video to Photoshop
  • + Exported aas GIF
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