I am five-foot-four girl with a lot of energy and it's what drives me each day. I live off of the joy of the Lord, and strive to portray that.

I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. I have small town roots that run in my blood, thanks to my parents who both grew up in that environment, but I love a good city. Growing up, I’ve lived with the privilege of having two brothers, one younger and one older.

Sports are the passion the Lord has instilled in me, and that has been evident since day one. Growing up I was playing a sport in every season. As I got older, I put my focus on volleyball and a little bit of golf. As an athlete, I have been taught work ethic that has stuck with me, and that I am thankful for.

My decision to come to Auburn came to me without any hesitation. I have had the directions from my house to Auburn University memorized since my first trip to the plains for the Iron Bowl. I chose to pursue a career in Public Relations and Marketing my freshman year at Auburn. I’d say I was inspired by many in the field, but I also know it is truly my niche. For so long I thought to myself, “How can I use this passion for sports and put it to work?” Well, I found a way.

As for time off from school and work, you can find me surrounded by my biggest blessing, my friends. I am one hundred percent extrovert, and I thrive in the presence of my friends.